Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Before the Beetles

Thought I would show you the Rosa, 'Golden Showers' before the Japanese Beetles make lace of it! This poor guy struggles in my Zone 5 yard. It is hardy to Zone 6 reliably, but with lots of mulch and lots of pruning, it keeps making appearances! The tag says a 12' climber, but this rose is about 8" tall and has about 8 blooms. You can't discount the effort!


  1. Bless its little heart. It sure is trying, isn't it? I can hear it whispering "I think I can, I think I can..." I grew this years ago at a different house. I really enjoyed the pretty yellow blossoms.

  2. It may be small, but it certainly has some beautiful blooms! I always seem to be drawn to yellow roses, too. I found my first Japanese beetle this morning; I'm determined to pick these little pests off each morning before they devour everything.

  3. Love those yellow climbers! I'll have to start you a piece of my Yellow sunset climber- very sweet smell! Hardy to Zone 4~ and you're very welcome for the columbine. I started seed from that other one that crossed with my grandma's bonnet and magpie. Keep your fingers crossed it comes true to seed!

  4. Anonymous11:15 AM

    HATE those beetles - I stopped growing roses because of them....

  5. I love yellow roses, especially climbers, although I don't grow any.

    I have been finding Japanese Beetles over the last few days --depressing. I have a couple of roses, but they get laced and stressed by the beetles during the last part of the summer, so they don't seem to thrive.

  6. It's such a soft yellow and it looks sweet next to the deep purple. Those *&^%**! beetles are nasty. You can hand pick them and drown them in soapy water, but who wants to do that, and they still get ahead of you. I'm glad your Golden Showers survives!


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