Thursday, June 30, 2011

Asparagus and the Poppy Queen

Queen Alexander and next year's crop

Schatz and Gracie find a tiny spot of shade.
and the destruction begins.......
Commander in Chief, my first lily
I was playing around with Picnik. I love this:
William Baffin pre Beetle
Have you ever grilled asparagus? So, so, soooo good.

Seriously good grilled food. Grilling makes the asparagus nutty and I shake on plenty of kosher salt. 
Today, this is photo is how I feel. 
After several long weeks of uncertainty, my husband a position with a company OUTSIDE of the printing industry. He will be working midnites, which will require a major adjustment to our lives, but he is excited about the offer and the benefits are even better than the other job, which was in a dying industry. 

Soon, my hubs and I will be married 20 years. It doesn't seem like that long. He says he knew we were meant to be together when he came to my apartment and saw it was decorated in Chicago Bears circa 1984. We have been very blessed. Twice he has been unemployed and twice he has found a way to turn it into a positive experience. At the time, I don't know that I would've said moving from Memphis to Northern Illinois was for the best, but today, I know it was. 
He has an extremely dry sense of humor, dipped in sarcasm. Much like a crabby Bob Newhart, I think. 
He cracks me up. 
Most of the time. 
We find ourselves spending a lot of time alone together (?) lately. The youngest is a senior in high school, the eldest is a senior in college. She is always busy and he lives in Champaign. It is just recently I realized, it will be happening more and more. Next summer, she will go away to college and we will be all that's left. 
It is our dream to live happily ever after.


  1. Uh Oh! Soapy water in a cup time!
    the lily looks beautiful! Love the color! Keep up the great work! :)

  2. That is a gorgeous lily. Today I rode the mower for several hours and japanese beetles kept landing on me. Grilled asparagus --yummy!

  3. Good luck to your hubby for his new job and congratulations to you both on 20 years together:) Love the poppy photo - we have lots around the garden that have self seeded. I have one flower so far on the Echinacia. To anwer your question on my post re the Photo Scavenger Hunt - we have one month in which to photograph 12 items or topics and they have to be taken in that month - you can join in any time and don't have to do it every month:)

  4. Congrats and Pre congrats on your Hubby's new job and your upcoming anniversary!

    ... and we love grilled asparagus!


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