Wednesday, June 08, 2011

I worked in a blast furnace, today

Drove up to a store that has been a perennial problem for me. For 5 seasons, this store has killed more product than it has sold. I had to toss an entire dumpster of our product today. Spoke with the manager, who told me he was going in to bring out another hose. I began tossing dead product onto pallets. It was 100*, with 30mph winds at this garden center. An hour later, I was still waiting for the manager to come out. I decided I couldn't hold my tongue any longer and I got in my car before I said anything else. 
Before I left, I took many pictures of their damage to our plants, which I will forward to his boss. 
To add insult to my injury, pictured above is an entire flat of gallon astilbe.



  1. Hmmmm.....
    It really irritates me to see this and know the mindset behind it!
    It's that "we don't own it so who cares!" attitude. I'd say more but you know I'd get myself in trouble!
    I feel for you Sissy.

  2. Plant abuse. What's so hard about watering the plants? The heat and wind was quite a combination, wasn't it?


  3. What a shame. Sounds like you're doing the right thing by going straight to the top with photos that can't be disputed. Maybe this will get someone to do something.

  4. So, does that mean the company you work for loses money? Or does this guys boss lose the money? Seems like someone should come down on that guy!

  5. The weather this week was insane!

    Sad to see such plant losses. I see this all the time in big box stores where growers are only paid for plants that sell. Seems very unfair and one-sided. From a customer perspective, it's definitely a turnoff and I rarely buy from stores with this arrangement. About the only time the plants look healthy is when they're fresh off the truck.


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