Monday, June 06, 2011

Been traveling!!!

Our daughter was invited to Michigan Tech University, in Houghton, Michigan. Folks, I am not exaggerating when I say they get a lot of snow, up there. Like the Dean told us, "It's part of our economy! We need the snow!"
Yeah...I am not exactly a snow lover. I don't get misty eyed for the first flurries. I don't think there is too much worse than the long, cold days of February, other than the longer and colder days of March!
But that doesn't mean she doesn't like winter.
She did like the school. She also enjoyed shooting photos with my camera on the way up there!

Sturgeon River:

I am fascinated by old barns and farmhouses. This picture was taken from the car, thru the window, going 65mph, so it is not the sharpest, but I think you get the idea. This house must have a good story. Perhaps it served as a fishing cabin? Why was it left like this? I see so many of these, as I travel for work. Some even have working well pumps in the front yard. 

This pile of logs went on and on. I never saw so many logs in my life. There are many log homes in the UP of Michigan and even Wisconsin.

This is my favorite photo. Fir, spruce, pine, cedar. No mono culture here! This sky is not edited to look like this, either. It is a high sky that was crystal blue. Lake Superior is very blue, as well. Probably because it's so COLD!!
Red Man Supper Club.
uh....can you really call it that??!!
No decision has been made about college, yet. This one is almost 8 hours away. The offer is attractive, but the drive is NOT. (for me, anyways!)

I have really had a season, this year. It started out as the rainest spring in memory. Now, the sun is blazing and the temps are near 100. I am moving apple trees, over 100 today, alone, and on this day, I did not want to garden when I got home. I jumped into my whirlpool tub that I had filled with coconut scented bubbles and cool water!
When I washed the bugs out of my hair, I put on clean clothes and took a picture of the poppy I have been waiting to see. 
Not worth the 4 year wait, in my opinion. The heat is making the German iris fade too soon, as well. 
Sarah Bernhardt Peony
I go thru times when I desperately want a plant SO BADLY! It seems I cannot get it to grow, in my garden. In Memphis, it was peony. I had many pass along peonies, but they never flowered for me! Here in my Illinois garden, I have 2 varieties. Sarah, above, and the double flowering Kansas:
As lovely as Kansas is, it is not very fragrant. 
I keep it well watered, to maintain its vibrant blooms. 
One of the plants I currently am lusting after is one everybody seems to grow with ease, Columbine. I see a tiny sprig of it has come up, this spring, but nothing will come of it, I am afraid. Another is astilbe. I have very little shade in my mixed bed, but LOOK!
A dry and shady spot has appeared in my garden! The globe arb has finally become tall enough to create some shade! I will get my hands on astilbe, tomorrow!!!
Supposed to be even hotter, tomorrow. More apple trees to schlep. There is a massive problem with hundreds of our trees. They leafed out, but then the leaves fell off and they have done nothing. Very scary for my grower. Thousands of trees...but I only have to get rid off a couple hundred. on a 100* day. not to mention the fact I am an old woman...


  1. I had a friend who did his undergrad work at Mich Tech --he said that running into snowbanks was an accepted way to stop your car. :-)

    I didn't have any luck with astilbe back when I tried either, although I have a new shady bed I was thinking of trying it in.

    I love that Sara Bernhardt peony --very pretty.

  2. Old!!???? You're Old? Could've fooled me! ;)
    I will bring you a little black columbine when I come out.

    Garden looks good. Even the one little weed!
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Beautiful pics of the Michigan countryside. That blue sky is alluring indeed. Sorry about your trees. I hope you can get to the bottom of what's ailing them.

  4. My mother swears by Mr. Ben Gay, hope he did the trick for you.

    I have 3 columbines. One bloomed beautifully this spring, one did so so and the other had not one single bloom.

    This was an entertaining post...luv your sense of humor. Hope your daughter decides on a school that's just perfect for her. Driving through WI to get to MTU would be a bonus:)


  5. Anonymous6:48 AM

    I'm from Michigan, and lived there for the first 45 years of my life. It's beautiful, especially the UP but that snow? *shudder* Hate it! You had commented on me buying cosmos by the flat, but I ordered it from a school fundraiser project. They've been a disappointment, actually, not doing much. And the bunnies keep nibbling! And no, I don't shoot in RAW, I wouldn't know how! I just have a really nice point and shoot Canon.

  6. Anonymous10:45 PM

    the Sturgeon River is beautiful to canoe down - quite fast but fun!


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