Saturday, April 16, 2011

                                Proven Winners. What an effort these guys are. Special pots, special licencing, lots of investment for growers.
Hanging fuchsias. Perfect for a cool sunny spot.

The yellow and purple color blocks are violas.
Yesterday, I discovered that if the wind is blowing the same as the temperature, it's bad for people and plants.  They say you're never too old to learn something new, so I will share it with you, too.

38 mph wind



  1. It's too bad that Proven Winners products are such an investment for growers. They become impractical for a lot of small nurseries and so we miss out on their availability. There's one very expensive local nursery that carries them but I won't pay their prices.
    The color blocks of violas are gorgeous!
    Our blustery, cold, wet weather sure doesn't feel very springy today. It's a repeat of yesterday.
    Warm sunshine would be most welcome :)

  2. I now have greenhouse envy!!!!

  3. You've got a greenhouse? That would be awesome! How are you?


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