Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Masters and your lawnmower

Whether you are a golf enthusiast or not, the Masters has had a remarkable impact on modern lawn care.
On April 10, 1069, television covered the Masters, for the first time, in living color.
All across America, budding turfmasters looked into the solid state tube and they were able to see what custom mowers, hybrid seed blends and heavy doses of nitrogen-could do for a span of lawn.

Before the color broadcast, suburbanites were content with a few petunias planted by seed into the bare soil next to the driveway.

The sweeping greens, the azaleas in bloom, the carefully planted beds of annuals, inspired the people of America to get out in their lawns and try to recreate what they saw on TV.
A revolution was started. A new way of thinking. 
Remember when??

In many homes, the lawn takes backseat to the foundation plantings. The lawn is a major focus in our home. It is the largest swath of maintained growth, so its important to me that it looks as good as it can. My darling husband does a remarkable job, considering he has a 20 year-old walmart mower, (with a perpetual flat tire). There are times you literally have to bang on the starter with a hammer to get this guy going. The push mower is older and I am not sure it does any better than the riding mower, but the rider cannot bag the clippings. I hate walking thru the lawn and having the clippings stick to your feet. The dogs bring in the clippings for days on their feet. 

Wow. Looking at these photos I realize how much work we've done. The Before pictures are so gratifying!! After pics coming soon....


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  1. Anonymous3:16 PM

    I love thick luscious green grass - ownership of Bella has changed that some - and now with us moving in the near future I don't see a reason to do more than the minimum....


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