Sunday, March 13, 2011

Not Much Gardening Going On...

Farfelle with spinach and chicken in Asiago sauce

Best tool ever for cleaning blinds! It's called "Fuzzy Fingers". 
I have 15 sets of the 2" blinds. These things got quite a work out yesterday.

Here's my messy laundry room. I have never bother to paint it. Or clean it, apparently!
Nick's bathroom has never been painted. 
Do you have one of these?? This, I have learned, is called a potshelf, or plant ledge. It is there to offer "architectural interest", says the builder. It has never been painted either. I did throw a rope light up there, 5 years ago, along with a timer so it would come on at dark and go off around sunrise. I don't think the timer is working correctly anymore. I am sure this gaping hole is full of dust and grease. I can see cobwebs up there, too. I need to paint it, so spiders won't go up there. (they are attracted to light colors) The paint color on the wall is a yellowy beige, (white balance is off). I wanted to paint it a dark esspresso. That was nixed by family. The kitchen is a sage green, perhaps not a good choice for a north facing kitchen. At the very least, this area and the bathroom and the laundry room will be painted. I have the garage door hallway to paint, as well:
  Can you see near the light switch, I am applying the drywall mud to fix some deep scratches. I've become an expert at this. Scrape, sand, wet wipe, scrape, sand, wet wipe, and oil based primer. Paint. 

I have been mesmorized by a new (to me) application I discovered. I have wasted waaay too much time on this.

Turns this:

Into this!!
Now, your turn to go waste a morning!! BeFunky Photo Tools

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  1. Anonymous8:43 PM

    ba hahahahaa - i can SO relate to your 'new application' find and wasting time!!!

    I didnt realize spiders are attacted to light colors. We have a plant ledge like that above our bed and, hmmm lets see, we moved here over 10 years ago and I only went up there once to put some chat-chki stuff up there... haven't been back since...


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