Thursday, February 17, 2011

Winter is hard on evergreens.   
 These thuja are planted right beside each other, as you can see. One made it, one did not. (there is a 3rd, he made it, as well!)

 The Blue Pacific Juniper were transplanted late in the season and they did not make it, either.

 This is the view from my deck, looking west. The sun is so pretty, this afternoon. Still too much snow lying around.
I am sure the neighbors think we're nuts, every year we put our cut Christmas tree out for the birds to find shelter in. Last year, it was a big draw, but I don't think they like the way it's laying down, this year!

I really need to clean my house and stop looking at the sunset. I hate, absolutely hate to clean. Sometimes, to force myself to do it, I invite people over. Otherwise, it would never get done. And, I'm fine with that!!


  1. Yes, the evil housework. The older I get, the more evil the housework becomes.

    Interesting sunset photo.


  2. We've lost quite a few plants this year - such a shame! I'm a great one for rushing around with sweeper and duster if visitors are expected:)


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