Wednesday, February 09, 2011

So happy together

Gracie goes to work with me, nearly every day. She lays under my work area in a basket full of mistake t-shirts. She's not very good at making shirts, but she's very good at making us laugh!
From Tom Skilling's website:
Chicagoans have experienced only 12 above-freezing days since Dec. 1--the fewest on record the past 141 years
      Winter 2010-11 is running more than 5-degrees below normal--chilly enough to rank as the area's 21st coldest of the past 141 years. The cold's been persistent--but so too has the usual supply of mild days. There have been only 12 days since the start of the meteorological winter season (December 1st) with daytime highs which have broken above freezing. That's the fewest above-freezing days of any of the past 141 winters on file here in Chicago.  
The good news??!! If things work out to average, the very first 60degree day is only 19 days away!! Hard to believe, because today it is 5.
The average 70degree day is March 26.     

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  1. So it's not your imagination that it's been a cold winter. It was a long time ago, but I think Tom Skilling was a weather man in Milwaukee. I'm in northeast WI, but lived in Milwaukee years and years ago.

    Luv the snowdrop poem....I'm always thrilled when I see that first snowdrop.

    Gracie....very cute.


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