Monday, August 20, 2007

Sleeping, Creeping.....

This is what the perennial bed looked like last year on this day.

The raised veggie beds were merely a dream, last year.

This is what the perennial bed looks like, today!!!

The tomatoes became too big for their cages and brought them right down!

A sideways look at the border, taken last month. Notice the iris in the top right? It looks great! How did it die so quickly?? I guess you guys are right and it's borers...What else would cause such quick decline and death???

Even the grass in this year's picture looks better. Jeff re-seeded in the spring with a bluegrass mix that cost us a ton of money. We expect even greater results when the guy aerates the whole thing in September.

I guess you can tell by now that they closed the garden center! It was a great time and I really miss it. I am now back to the drudgery of job hunting. It's quite depressing, although I have gone on fascinating interviews!! I interviewed at the Morton Arboretum for an admin position, but the drive is an hour and a half, and I didn't get it anyways.
I also interviewed with Ball Seed company. You know them, the Wave Petunia people, the Purple Majesty Millet people??? Well, I got the position of breeder technician, which sounds alot more high class than it really is....turns out, it's just a little above minimum wage. And the drive is about 45 minutes. I turned it down.
I will keep looking, though. I won't take any more temp positions. It's too hard when they end...

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  1. Hello Sissy,

    It's good to see you posting again, even if the reason for your blog-reading time is not so hot.
    I hope a better offer comes along soon, but in the meantime you can enjoy how super your garden looks in one year. You've made a big splash of color glow on the edge of the prairie.

    I'd hoped someone knew about your special variegated iris... if it was a borer they are nasty! Is there anything left of the tuber itself? Sometimes people dig damaged tubers up, cut out any soft parts, dust with sulpher, let a callous form and then replant in a new, very well drained spot. If there's any life in the root it may rebound in a couple of years. Other people go buy a new one!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  2. Everything looks great! What a difference a year makes.

    I hope the job search isn't too long. Fortunately I love my job and can work just about anywhere. I hope you find a permanent position that you love too.

  3. Sissy: It's good to see you back! And your gardens look lovely - isn't it wonderful to see what a difference a year makes? Good luck on the job hunt.

  4. great to have you back, sissy - your garden looks lovely 12 months on - I'm sure you will find a job very soon.

  5. Hi Sissy,
    Good to see you back.

    What a difference in that flower border in just one year! Just wait until it starts leaping!

    Sorry about the iris death.

  6. I love seeing the difference on that perennial bed, it must make you smile! And good luck with job hunting, I forget that with a job in horticulture, it's seasonal. Speaking of, I just signed up for my first class at the Mort Arb.


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