Sunday, August 19, 2007

I have been reading my favorite blogs, today. It has been raining for two days, something I am now grateful for....
My blog friends haven't all been blessed with a warm, wet summer like I have. The lawn is absolutely Lush!!!

I have a glut of tomatoes and green peppers and basil!! The perennial bed is looking really good, except for the loss of the variegated iris, it has been very successful!! I am already looking for more allium bulbs and I cannot forget how badly I wanted some species tulips....I have the Scheepers catalog and I will start going thru it.

I have been reading all my magazines and the most amazing revelation came across me, last week. I was reading this month's Horticulture magazine and discovered a blogger friend was in there!!

The author, Kathy Purdy, quotes Zoey's Perennial Passion blog in Horticulture magazine! How awesome for Zoey, even though it's the dreaded bellflower that she pulled (pulls) out of her rock wall. Sitting on a float in the Kentucky Lake, I sat straight up and said, I know her!! I know Zoey and the trouble she had!!

I just thought it was quite a compliment to a great gardener and blogger. I haven't seen it mentioned on her blog, but I haven't gone way way back, yet.

Here's to ya', Zoey!!! You are in Horticulture magazine!!!
We are all so proud of you!!

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  1. Welcome back, Sissy! We've missed you. I've been checking your blog every so often and was hoping you would begin posting again when things slowed down for you.

  2. And don't forget that Kathy Purdy is Kathy from!

    Missed you this summer, happy to hear your gardens are lush. Send some rain to ME now, pretty please.

    Carol at May Dreams Gardens
    (ready for some football??)


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