Thursday, April 26, 2007


Seaside themed. Giant Fibre Optic grass growing in the middle!!

Beach theme. Like you can even see it??

Not a tablescape, this exhibit is called "Living Stones".
I just don't get into this kind of thing...

The bread table from our cruise!!

This pic was taken by Jeff, it's the midnight buffet
on our cruise-by midnight, I was so seasick
that I never made it down there!!

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  1. I like your cruise pictures the best! I hope you were not sick on the entire cruise???
    That midnight snack table is gorgeous. I always like to see how food is served on buffets just to see how we measure up at work.

    I don't really get the big deal of the living rock thing either.

    Thanks for posting these!

  2. I just clicked to enlarge it. Gorgeous! What a cute little fishy centerpiece. What is it made of?

  3. Oh wow, look at all those table settings!! My tummy is growling at the moment and I want to jump right into that midnight buffet! lol Oh dear, what a shame you were so seasick on the cruise! That would certainly put a damper on your appetite!! xox

  4. I love the shorebirds and the fiber-optic grass. Phooey on seasickness!


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