Thursday, April 26, 2007

Really cute!!

When we moved to Illinois last year, my 12 year old daughter was terribly lonely for her Memphis friends...
I let her adopt a dog from FluffyButts Rescue. Soon after, I would find the Pooh stuck up on furniture where Cass had put her and forgotten about her. After a while, the Pooh and I became very close and now she is my dog!
Well, I stayed home for a year with My Little Pooh and she goes everywhere with me. She is having a hard time adjusting to the new way-with me at work and Pooh in my bathroom!
(She might be small, but she still knows how to tip over garbage and pee on the hardwood!!)
The bathroom is 8x10, so it's not like she's suffering, I leave the sports talk radio on for her and she listens to the Cubs!!
This how Cass found her the other day....

She climbed up onto the rolled up towels on this small baker's rack!!

She has a little bed, her food and water, but she decided she likes the loft bed, better!!! As they say in Memphis, She be fixin to take a break!!

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  1. Pooh is so cute! And I adore the name "FluffyButts Rescue"... lol!

  2. She is such a cutie!


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