Monday, April 02, 2007

I have been tagged by Apple to write about why I enjoy blogging...
Last summer, I had no garden for the first time in a long time. Looking at slick garden magazines is nice, once in a while, but I like real gardens. I did a google search, one day, for garden blogs and Zoey's page came up. She has a beautiful landscape and writes and takes photos almost every day. After discovering Zoey, I found Apple. Apple likes to blog about geneology and her family tree, sometimes, but after almost 9 months of reading Apple's blog, I can almost tell you her schedule.
You see, Apple comments on my blog in between her bus routes and dentist appointments. Mostly in the middle of the day. I like Apple's sister, Country Girl, too, but I have only "known" her a few weeks. I like the familiarity of knowing my blogging friends will be there, when I click on their page.
I enjoy blogging because it allows me to journal in a way that gives my thoughts an audience. I have yet to determine whether that is a good thing, or not.
I like knowing that Pea is close to her mom, and eats a donut every chance she gets. I love donuts, too, Pea! Pea rarely has bad news on her blog, but she is very busy and knows everybody in the world's birthday. Pea sent me a Christmas card from Canada with a teapot and tea in it!! I know some personal things about Pea and she knows some of me. If we don't hear from each other, we email to check.
That's true of so many of my blogger friends. Sandra has been MIA for several weeks, tending to *D* and Tiny Tee and creating a website for her church. Sandra and I actually lived close to each other, last year, but I didn't know her, then. Too bad....

I believe blogging has given me a sense of community. I don't have many garden friends in real life, only in virtual reality!! My gardens are just beginning, again, but I can see and learn from some very fabulous women who garden. You all know them, you introduced me to them. I met them thru you!
Now, it seems there are rules to tagging someone, and I don't want to break any rules, but I do enjoy reading my friends' thoughts, so I will tag Zoey, Annie, and Carol-to find out why they enjoy blogging...
if you are too busy gardening to answer, I will certainly understand, girls!! Thanks, Apple, for thinking of me!!

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  1. The sense of community is uplifting. I'm still surprised that anyone is interested in my attempts to start a garden. I wouldn't have gotten anywhere near as much done last year without you and Kerri encouraging me! It helped to know that you were starting from scratch too.

  2. You have become such a special friend to me, Sissy, and I'm sooo very glad we "met" on this big wide world of blogging:-) Apple tagged me to do this meme so I will get at it as soon as I can! I'm just amazed at the friendships I've made since I started blogging just over a year ago...what did I ever do without all of you before??? xoxo

  3. Thanks for the tag. I'm going to try to post on that in a few days.

  4. Sissy - It will take me a day or two because we're in the middle of a project. Thanks for asking me!


  5. It was fun to read your thoughts Sissy. I agree, the sense of community is a wonderful thing. I often think of my blog friends as I go through the day. I can understand you thinking of Zoey when you saw the tablescapes :)
    Yes, we may never meet, but I feel we all know each other pretty well, don't you?


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