Wednesday, April 04, 2007

25°, flurries

It is a grey and cold day. The sun and the southern breeze that brought the wonderful warmth of spring have given way to the Arctic Express that has brought winter again. High winds and cold have melted the beautiful green foliage of my emerging alliums into pools of light green. They can't stand a chance keeping the moisture in this kind of wind, so they just kinda shut down and wilt.
It's the winds that bronzed the leaves on the boxwood in the front by the well cover. I will have to replace it with juniper. The boxwood near the foundation are fine, but they are 'Green Velvet' and 'Winter Gem' varieties. I chose them for their hardiness in winter wind. I will replace the Winter Gem with Green Velvet, as I prefer the latter's form.
The wind is slamming into the garage door and making the dog's think Daddy is home. They suddenly charge the door, barking and scaring the daylight's out of me. You don't realize how quiet the house is when nobody's home but me!
I moved the winter sown containers and the pots of canna that I had started into the garage. On top of the canna, I had scattered some Bright Lights Cosmos and they had germinated two days ago. They wouldn't live thru this. The wind would have taken the pot away by now!
I keep looking out the window to see a little old lady on her bike fly by!!

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  1. I love the animation of the witch. It is surely too cold!! I've had enough of this!

  2. It's headed our way and more snow expected. I still have plenty thank you very much! Hope all your seedlings survive.

  3. Welcome back to the north country, Sissy! Just when you think it's over--WHAM! We are supposed to get 6 inches today.

    Don't worry too much about the allium. Mine always make it through these spring storms.

    Keep your chin up. It's almost over for the year!!

    Did you start your job yet?

    (I'm still working on the meme.)

  4. It's snowing and blowing here this morning...ugh! My Spring flowers were just starting to come up so I don't know what's going to happen to them now. I wish Mother Nature would make up her mind!!! Hopefully all your plants will survive my friend! xoxo

  5. The only good thing was that i found $2 in my winter coat for coffee this morning ;) I thought I packed it away for good!


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