Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Give it your best shot, Winter!!

We were supposed to get four to six, and got about two that didn't- couldn't- stick!! The ground is too warm, here, for the snow to pile up!!!
I am so encouraged about that! It's our first winter back in the North after being gone about 15 years to Zones 6 and 8, Louisville and Memphis.

Delphiniums featured at the New England Flower Show

This beautiful weeping cherry could be seen all the
way across the expo center!
A closer view of the cherry!

I saw this evergreen featured ALOT!! I really liked it, much better than
some of the groundcover junipers which seem to die, from the middle-outward.
Right now, I have the Blue Chip Juniper in several places out front, but
I want to add some of this Gold Thread in front of the Black Beauty Sambucus I ordered!!
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Black Beauty shown with Bonanza Gold Barberry

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Funny thing about blogging...

At the flower show, the "new" thing for garden decor was tablescapes. Now, I don't scape my tables, I still have a lot of trouble getting everybody at the table, much less matching chargers to napkins. But Zoey loves to tablescape. So, I come across the first tablescape and it was stunning.
"Zoey would love this," I say under my breath. A lady next to me says, "My sister does this tablescaping, too!" She thought I was talking about my sister...
Now, I don't even really know Zoey. I am fairly sure that's not her real name, even! I think it's her black dress open bottle of wine alter-ego. But, here I am in Boston, Massachusetts, and I think of my blogger friend, Zoey and her tables!!

Has blogging affected your thinking??! Is it just me??

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  1. Thanks for sharing these pics of the flower show. Lucky you to have the opportunity to see it. Looks like lots of interesting displays. I'm with you on the underwater thing. Wierd!
    Where did you find that neat road picture??

  2. Hi Sissy,

    I just discovered your blog while reading Zoey's comments. We used to live in Louisville too and have since moved north, as well.

    I've put you on my "must read list"!

    Looking forward to sharing cold weather gardening hints with you.

  3. LOL, Sissy. I do that all the time, too. It's like we are all sisters or good friends even though we really don't know each other.

    By the way, thanks for the fertilizer tip.

    And we got a bunch of snow last night--like 7 inches or something!

  4. I sure hope you pull out of it soon - the too-long winter is also affecting my extended family back there in Illinois. On the other hand, you're not too busy in the garden to write, and this post has a lot to think about!

    Larkspur is the closest thing to Delphinium here - a sort of annual Delphinium.

    Sissy, since I am highly allergic to junipers, breaking out from contact, Chamaecyparis/False cypress was my substitute, along with Arborvitae. Both evergreens used to do pretty well for me in the Western 'Burbs. I gave a 'Gold Mop' chamaecyparis to my son before we moved, and he put it in a border as an accent. It did a little too well, and is now taller than my daughter-in-law.

    I'm also reminded of other bloggers and see things they might like, hate or just laugh at... and Zoey is one of them, probably because she's pretty clear on her likes and dislikes!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  5. I came back to see if you had a picture of the tablescapes (I was in a hurry during my little break previously).

    No pics?


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