Tuesday, April 10, 2007

New England Flower Show Pictures

Different strokes for different folks....

This exhibit really left me wondering. It was an under the sea type, with the diver
hanging above a sunken ship. Everything was lit with an eerie light and stuffed with
moss and air plants. I really tried to understand it, but the more I tried, the more
the diver didn't look like a diver, he looked like someone being hanged. Anyone who
knows anything about the Spanish Moss knows it's a parasitic plant. Not cute, but lots
of other people "ooohhhed" over the whole crazy scene.

It seems to me that the hottest thing in design is the Green Roof. They were featured at the New England Flower Show. Mostly sedum and ice plant species. Very interesting!

This exhibit, below, featured architectural plants. Lots
of allium were on display, here! Along with some dryer tubing. What's that, you say??
You don't use dryer tubing in your cut arrangements? Imagine that!!

Just to show you that flower shows are not snobbish-these award winners are wheat grass planted in paper cups! You can see this picture much more clearly. Nobody was really interested in this, so there wasn't much pushing or shoving!

It's not that I didn't enjoy the flower show. It's just that much of it was inaccessible due to the crowds. I did enjoy all the food in Boston. I took loads of clear pictures of the food!!

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  1. Ok, I'm glad you mentioned that it looked like someone hanging to you. I just saw your picture on gardenvoices and when it first popped up I thought it was a picture of a lynching-but it was in color so I was confused for a second.

    And I'm a trend follower too I really like the green roof. Pretty cool.

    BTW I love the picture of animated rain in your sidebar.

  2. I love the green roof--I so wish I could do that here. And I totally agree with you and mrbrownthumb. The first thing I thought was, "why is that guy hanging there in the sky?" Yikes.


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