Thursday, March 01, 2007

Lunch invitation for you.

I would love to have you over for lunch! Please come, even though it's a rainy day! We are having Couscous with roasted garlic, chopped tomato, fresh feta, and the herbs I have grown in my window: parsley, chives, and oregano. Hurry! It's getting cold!

For dessert, you will be expected to eat 27 cupcakes, ok? I think I over estimated the bake sale. This is what I have left. Luckily, someone gave me the tip to freeze them before frosting them. Tonite is opening night for the Complete History of America (abridged) by RTHS Drama club. Guess who signed her name under all the cupcake entries?

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$1,359.00-the average utility bill at the Gore mansion, Belle Meade, TN.
That's what I call an inconvenient truth.


  1. Lunch sounds lovely. Sorry your bake sale didn't go as well as expected but if you can freeze them I'm sure your family won't mind having them.

  2. Oooooh am I too late for lunch?? Everything sounds so good! As for the cupcakes, I often freeze mine and they're great to have when unexpected company comes just takes a minute to put the icing on them:-) xox

  3. Thanks for the invitation to lunch - the Cous Cous salad looks wonderful. I'm sure you will gradually eat up all the cup cakes :)


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