Wednesday, February 28, 2007

30° Cloudy and windy

An inch or two of rain is coming. I don't know where we will put it all, but I am grateful it's not snow. I am tired of the dirty melting snow. Just the site of it makes me want to clean out my closets.
Winter is wearing on me. It doesn't help that they call me from Memphis and tell me it's close to 70°. It wasn't even 35, yesterday.
I remember watching the weather in Memphis and seeing the temp for Chicago and thinking, why would anyone live there???
Now, I am stuck and it's dirty and wet. I want to see some improvement, but every time we think we turn the weather corner, we get hit with another reminder that we have absolutely no control.


  1. Hang in there Sissy, it really won't be long now! Like you, I'm sooo looking forward to Spring but over here in Northern Ontario we don't start having Spring temps until at least April...usually by mid April the last of our snow leaves. xox

  2. un-oh, you're starting to sound like me. I see it was warmer there today so I hope that cheered you up. Your bulbs will be poking through before you know it.


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