Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I think the plants used most often at the New England Flower Show were bamboo, feverfew and rhododendrons.

I will never ever put bamboo in my yard, but the feverfew was so pretty!!

I was really glad to see this:
Nicotiana sylvestris, used as a specimen planting! None of my friends are gardeners, I haven't ever really known a gardener. I have never seen this plant in real life, before, but I am growing it with the Carmencita Castor Bean. I cannot wait to see them together!

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  1. glad to see you managed to take some photos, sissy, despite the show being so crowded - at least you have some good memories even though it sounds like you had an awful time getting to the venue, thanks for sharing them:)

  2. Watch out for that Nicotiana Sylvestris, it's a beauty, but oh my gosh, does it like to re-seed! I didn't pull enough of them out last spring and ended up with a very surreal-looking garden bed full of them!


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