Sunday, March 25, 2007

Did you know that I should not have earthworms? Really. If I do find an earthworm in my sandy yard, it would be considered invasive species.
Don't believe me? I don't blame you! I didn't either! Here's where I get my facts:
Chicago Tribune Blog
Last summer, they were giving bait away at the store because they were going on vacation, or something. I almost brought some home to dump in my compost pile, but I knew they would have died in the car as I wasn't going right home...!

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  1. Huh thats odd....just thought id drop a note by your blog! You write really interesting posts!

  2. huh. (there's an echo here!) Well maybe that's why I live on a giant ant hill. I'd rather have worms.

  3. Well isn't that interesting! I just read the article. We have lots of earthworms in our vegetable garden...every year when we dig up the potatoes we come across so many of them. Over here, they are good for our soil and plants:-)

  4. Good morning, Sissy.

    Today I got right in with no problems! These machines are so finicky!

    So sorry to hear you didn't enjoy the flower show as much as you had thought. I really don't like places that are so crowded.

    I wish more of your pictures had turned out. Maybe you still have more to show us??? Hope so.


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