Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Now I have trouble! These little birds keep flying into the glass doors of the dining room. These guys don't move when I open the door to throw more food out!

I have hung sports pennants in the windows and it seems to have stopped the silly kids from knocking themselves out by flying into the windows. I have done nothing but watch these little guys all day, and take care of the sick little girl....


  1. I sometimes have trouble with the birds flying into my windows too...putting the banners up is a good idea. I keep getting told to stop cleaning my windows so well! lol Hugs xox

  2. We have been feeding the birds too. We have Cardinals, doves, little fat gray ones, finches, woodpeckers. And 2 of the fattest squirrel you have ever seen. We finally gave up and bought a huge bag of sunflower seeds (their favorite) and put out for them.

  3. those little birds are so grateful to have food around they get quite fearless - we have a blackbird who sits on the feeder whilst we put out the food. My neighbours have put windmills on sticks in front of their back windows to stop the birds hurting themselves by flying into them.


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