Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Big fluffy snow and grey skies

Looks like snow globe snow outside today. I have been so amazed by some of the pictures bloggers get of the wonderful birds on their feeders! We never have birds on our feeders in the winter. So, I did some research and discovered we had been doing some things wrong. Normally, Jeff is the bird feeder guy, but he's at work and the birds were sitting in the threshold of the glass doors in the dining room. They were all huddled together and the feeders were empty. The one in the front was full, but it had been full since October.
I went out into the snow and the birds hardly moved from the doorway. I filled the feeder and spilled some on the ground. I opened a suet thing and put that out there, too. Then, I went around front. The feeder was full of mold. It was a rainy October and the food molded in there. I dumped it out, took it in and used some bleach and washed it and dried it.
I filled it with food. As I was filling it, I looked up and several finches were on the gutter, waiting for me to finish!!

By the time I got the seed put away and took off my boots, both feeders were full of finches and juncoes. I love those birds!

These aren't the fancy birds that Kerri and Pea get, but at least they are back! I love their squatty little bodies and little yellow beaks! I wish we could get woodpeckers and jays, but I will keep trying!


  1. Nice detective work on the moldy feeders - too bad the birds couldn't have called for housekeeping:)

    Sissy, after seeing Kerri's jays, are you sure you want those bullies coming to your feeders and pushing around your little birds?

    Condolences on Sunday's game - most people in my family were disappointed, too.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  2. Awww poor little birdies, they're just so hungry for food now that you have all that snow on the ground! One thing about feeding birds in the winter...once you start feeding them, you can't just stop. They'll rely on you to get them through the winter:-) We may have the odd Blue Jays and such but I really prefer the little finches, sparrows and chickadees that mostly hang around our yard. I just love watching them all:-) Hugs xox

  3. My Mom gets mostly little birds, with the occasional jay or cardinal. Every now and then she'll have one fly into the window. She also has me bring her nuts for the squirrels so they will leave the feeder alone. Doesn't work, but it makes her happy. Enjoy them. I hope you warm up there. We're not supposed to.

  4. I love the chubby little juncos too. There's something about their shape that's so cute! I hope you'll eventually get some jays and woodpeckers. They're fun to watch, but then, they're all fun!


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