Saturday, February 03, 2007

Happy Super Bowl! I will try to remember to take pics of all
the food and the screaming and yelling as the


  1. That is soooo mean! Glad I'm not a Colt's fan. LOL Have a great time, I'll probably be in bed before it's over.

  2. Sissy, that is so funny! I want what Tony Dungy wants... a good game with both teams playing their best. GO COLTS!!

    (I'm still laughing!)

  3. LOL I love it!! Don't hit me but I've never watched football and we don't watch it at my house! lol May the best team win:-) Hugs xox

  4. I don't watch it either.

    All I know is at half time the colts were 16, the Bears 14.

    Who finally won?

    Hope it was your team!

  5. As I said to someone at work who also sent me this same picture... "that little pony looks so happy"! Nature CAN be cruel!! I'm mean, all the partying in the streets of Indy when it is sooooo cold out side.


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