Monday, February 05, 2007

-1°, Brilliant sunshine
Cutting, killer wind

We will never speak of the Super Bowl game, again. Ever. I am a very sore loser and I am even worse when the stakes get higher.
That said, the Cubs start Spring Training in a few weeks!

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The temp in my car on the way home from PTA was -10°. I rushed out to my car and I was thinking to myself, why would anyone live here?? I came home and looked thru my favorite blogs and found IBoy's comforting post. Won't you enjoy his writing and pictures on this cold night? He gave me encouragement with his yellow and purple self!!! He is always someone I enjoy reading, but found it especially uplifting, today! I know he has some sort of blog tracker, so he will discover I linked to him, but I am hoping he won't mind, as I am a great admirer and think everyone would enjoy his blog!

Garden question:
Some plants require a long period of chill to allow them to flower, like tulips and lilacs and cherry trees. How do they know if they have been chilled? Is there some sort of temperature sensitive genetic switch? I know tulips do not do well in the south for this very reason. You treat them like annuals, buy them pre-chilled and plant them, then dig them up and compost them. If you do leave one or two, they come up very short and sport a tiny flower. It just isn't cold enough, long enough.
So, how do they know it's been cold enough long enough? I think I have had enough cold!

"Exposure to cold mandates greater caloric intake for all animals, including humans..."

Oh, like I need another reason to eat my way thru this winter! What's your favorite comfort food? Really, really bad day, you come home, put on your robe, turn on the radio/tv/computer, and make some________?
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Stouffer's Mac and cheese. I know, my kids won't touch it, but I love it with a big glass of lemon water or sweet tea. How 'bout you, Zoey? Carol? Pea? Sandra? I sure love to read about what comfort foods mean to different people...


  1. The cold and snow are getting to me. Closed again today, 4' feet from this storm and it's still snowing.

    A grilled cheese sandwich with Campbell's tomato soup.

  2. My favourite comfort food is chili with garlic bread....yummmm! Nothing warms up the tummy better than that:-) As for your garden question, I really have no idea...I have tulip bulbs that stay in the ground all winter long and come up every spring...that's all I know! LOL Stay warm my friend!! Hugs xox


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