Saturday, February 10, 2007

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Jeff and I decided not to buy each other anything for Valentine's Day. We always get the kids some cute stuff they can use, but he has always gone waaaay over board and I try to keep up, but I am terrible at buying presents.
So, we decided to buy each other a fresh seafood dinner---
He called on Friday and told me he'd made the arrangements and I am going with him to Boston for the
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YAY!!! I printed my entry ticket for the flower show and I am ready!!!
As a Master Gardener in Memphis, I always volunteered with the Mid-South Flower show, we had about 150-175 vendors.
The New England Flower show has almost 2000. I will visit each and every one of them!
Any of my blogger buddies gonna be in Boston in March!!???
I got this picture off my ticket, I didn't steal it!!


  1. You are one lucky woman - and apparently you know what to do with that luck - 2000 vendors!!

    Don't forget the comfortable shoes.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

    [Sissy, if you know the Western Suburbs at all - we lived in several different houses over 20 years, but they were all within 6 miles of Yorktown Shopping Center.

  2. I've been to Boston, but never when the spring flower show was going on. Sounds wonderful. We expect a full report!

  3. I'm so happy for you that you will be going! I would be a bit overwhelmed by 2000 vendors. lol Boston is a great city to visit. I'm sure you and Jeff will have a wonderful time.

    My mom gets cardinals at her feeder. Their color always seems duller than the ones you see in pictures. Still very handsome though. We'd never be able to count all the little birds that visit her feeder.

    I like the new background.

  4. Ooooh what fun you'll have!! If I lived near Boston, I'd be there! lol That really is the best Valentine's gift you could ask for!! My candy heart said the same as yours:-) Hugs xox


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