Wednesday, January 10, 2007

That game last night was stolen from the Crusader girls by the ref. Five girls are rolling around on the floor with the ball and he didn't blow the whistle. Cassidy comes out of it with a punch in her nose and there's no foul???
I have never seen a more terribly officiated game in my life.
It was right back to work on our technique, when we got home.

I won't let them play outside because she had just had a shower and it was really cold out, last night.

They decided to improvise.
Yes, that's a cantalope.

He's 6'2. She's 5'10. He's showing her how to time your hand to block a shot, not slap the girl's hand!!
She had four fouls last night....

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  1. Oooh I really dislike it when a game is ruined by a bad referee call or no call at all! I use to watch hockey all the time and I would get so worked up at some of the calls!! Hugs xox


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