Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I don't deserve the friends I have...
Look what came in the mail today:
18 packets of seed!!!!


I received an email from a gentleman on GW a while back, asking if I had a wish list for seeds. I did a check for the guy on GW and it turns out he's some sort of seed benefactor or something, mailing seeds to lots of folks!! And now me!!!
Here's the list:
Zinnia Magenta
Verbena Bonariensis
Red Castor Bean
Snapdragon Rocket mix
Nicotiana sylvestris
Pink Foxglove
Obedient Plant purple
Butterfly Bush-White, Purple, and Pink
Purple Mix Larkspur
Blue Flax
Columbine, Mixed
Nicotiana Purple
Now, you and I know I bought some of these last week, but it makes it easier to pass them on, now! Do you believe it's true that you get what you put out there? That God is good and works for His good??!!
I do!!


  1. See, see! Not only Kim, but angels everywhere!
    I just read on another blog about a poor woman stuck on a freeway with a flat, scared as all get out, and some angel stopped and helped her out, refusing any payment.
    How uplifting!

  2. Boy was I confused!
    1. I thot you lived in Illinois.
    2. The language was strange!!??!!

    Was the guy from GW named Willie (from New Orleans? He give away all kinds of seeds.

  3. First of all, you DO deserve the friends you're such a good friend to us too:-) Wow, I can just imagine how excited you were to receive those seeds from that guy...nice to know there are such wonderful people out there!! Happy planting:-) xoxo


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