Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Look What I Got!!

From My dear friend Pea. A pot of tea!!
For me!!!

Sandra and her hubby *D* are folks that probably
lived thirty miles from me a year ago, but I never knew
them. Now, I live 800 miles from them and I have
received a present!
I think Sandra understands how I feel about this weather,
I try not to complain too much, but it is so much different.
I love the title: A Gardener's Guide to Frost, How to outwit
The Weather!!

I feel so blessed to know these blogger friends. God
put them in my life to make me feel less alone, I just know
it...I am grateful to Him and to them.
They make me feel very special.


  1. I hope that the book will give you a 'jump' on your Spring planting. ;o)

  2. What a sweet gift from Pea.

    I hope Sandra's gift helps you get through the winter. She knew just what to pick for you!

  3. That is such a cute little teapot card from Pea!

    Sandra's gift will keep you in the gardening frame of mind during the long cold spell. Just make sure you snuggle in a nice warm blankie while you read!


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