Monday, October 16, 2006


This is 'Homestead Purple'. The garden books say I can take cuttings from this and will have the same plant, next year.
In the south, it just came back. I don't know about cuttings, though. Where would I keep them? I would love to be able to do it, but I don't trust myself!
He looks a little ratty because we have had a hard freeze...


  1. I Google Verbena and found this info (hightlight and place in browser):
    The first 5-6 seconds shows you exactly how to take/root cuttings. It looks easy.

  2. Why not give it a go Sissy, if it doesn't work out you're no worse off, taking cuttings won't harm the plant. Go to the address Sandra sent you and just do what it says.

  3. Anonymous11:45 PM

    It would be fun to try a cutting. Maybe keep it in a jar of water on your window sill?
    Or put it in a pot of dirt and plant it outside next spring.

    so sorry to hear about the young people that died in the car crash. My heart goes out to their families.


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