Sunday, October 15, 2006

2 teens killed in suburban car crash

Chicago Tribune

A Deerfield High School homecoming celebration ended tragically when a carload of students crashed into a tree near Summit Drive in this north suburban community, killing two teens and injuring three others.

Killed in the crash was Daniel Bell, 18, and passenger Ross Trace, 18. Bell was believed to have been driving the auto late Friday when it crashed, officials said.

Trace, who graduated from Deerfield last year and now lives in California, was thrown from the car and pronounced dead at the scene from massive head injuries.

Bell, a senior at Deerfield, died at Lutheran General Hospital shortly after midnight Saturday.

Three other students were admitted to the hospital with serious injuries. Their names have not been released.

The students had just left a party in Deerfield to celebrate the homecoming football game Friday evening, said Lake County Coroner Richard Keller.

School officials cancelled a homecoming parade scheduled for Saturday morning, but the homecoming dance was scheduled to be held in the evening.

A crisis team, including school administrators and counselors has arrived at the school and is available to students.

The above story is my worst nightmare. Two boys dead, three in grave condition. They were celebrating being young. They were drinking. It was homecoming, it's their right to be happy. Don't drink and drive.

I know just as soon as you say they won't, a child will. I have preached and spoken and pounded it into my kids that it's not them I don't trust. It's the other guy. The kid who is pouring gin into his McDonald's cup without you knowing. The guy who is polluted, driving home and swerving into your lane, while you are on the way to church. Don't park on the busy street. Don't walk in front of cars, even if they wave you on. Don't trust that friend will drive straight-even if she's only had two or three.

The kids and I have a signal. See, it's very uncool to call in front of your friends and say, "Mom, can you come get me? Soandso has had a few drinks and I don't want to die!". So, I have devised a signal. They call me and say, "What's up? Did you call?" I will know then that they need help and I can ask where they are and be there.
Even with all that, I know God, ultimately, is in control. I pray daily for my kids.
Anyone who knows me-knows I suffer from terrible anxiety about the kids.
Example: About a year ago, Nick went to see an all night Star Wars thing. It started at midnight. Don't you know I was up all night, watching for headlights out the window...
He texted me around 5 and said they were coming home, they got too tired...and I cried uncontrollably. Then, I waited the next 40 minutes on the front porch, scared to death something would happen on the way home.
Cass went to her first dance on Friday night. She thinks I just dropped her off at the Chinese place with her friends and picked her up at the dance a few hours later. Really, I was on the phone with the mom who drove and then with the mom who chapperoned.
I trust Cassidy. I don't trust the janitor who is lurking behind the door, ready to grab a child.
Really, Cassidy is 5'10", and hardly resembles a child, but in my mind she always will be.
I am exactly the person Paxil was invented for, but I don't take anything like that. Just another drug to help me cope? No thanks. I will keep praying...
Lord, look down from heaven above

And touch this special child with love.

Protect and guide this little one

'Till each and every day is done.

Remind us often that it's true:

This little life is a gift from you.

A miracle You've sent our way!

Lord, bless this little child today.

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My prayers go out to the Parents of Deerfield. It is my hope that they are able to find Peace of Mind and Comfort from the Lord.


  1. Good for you. It is wonderful to find a parent who truely loves their children; and yes, prayer for them to our heavenly Father, is the only way we can cope, in this world.

  2. My kids are married and have kids of their own but I still worry that they'll drive home from darts or bowling having had one too many. (Make that my boys, I don't worry about Bean) In this area we have buried far too many of our young people. So I guess I'm saying you are right to worry a bit but trust your kids and don't be obsessive. It sounds like they have pretty good heads on their shoulders and they know you'll back them up.

  3. It's always so distressing to read stories about this sort of thing. Teens think they're invincible.
    I had trouble sleeping 'til my kids were home safely when they were that age, especially when they first learned to drive.
    Sounds like you have a good system in place and that your kids are trustworthy...and that's good!
    Prayer is a powerful tool.


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