Monday, September 11, 2006


I really have to finish the basement, the kids get out @ 11:30, then I have Jv Volleyball at 3:15, Cass has a soccer game @ 4:00, but I will be in practice until 6:15, so a friend will bring her back to practice after the game. At 6:15, I have to clean up and set up for the open house. I don't know...I am hoping someone will say, it's ok, you can go...
either that, or maybe they will say, go ahead and fall asleep in the corner, we'll wake you when we need you!


  1. I just read in your profile that you have a new garden space . . .my space is pretty new too . . . and that you'd like to share plants.
    I would be glad to send you starts from my garden, but lets wait until Spring.
    I have fushia, ornamental grasses, pincushion flowers, and I'll have to think about what else would transfer in the mail easily.
    (does the ag dept care if we do this??)
    Let me know if you are serious and then send me a BIG REMINDER . . . I have Old Tymers

  2. Sounds like your're speading yourself a little thin. I hope today went OK for you.


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