Thursday, September 14, 2006

Good for business, good for worms!

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Starbucks gave me an entire box of spent grounds for my compost pile. Are you familiar with this program? It's wonderful and these grounds helped me turn the scraped anaerobic clay soil in Memphis to the Yard of the Month!

Now, coffee grounds are reportedly high in pH, so if you are worried about that, don't put them straight on your plants. I have never had a problem and even went so far as to put them straight, right under azaela and hosta...! I will be adding them to my lasagna garden, here in Illinois. It will be cooking all winter and by spring, I will be able to plant lettuce and all that good stuff! published the results of their study and it found that more people collected coffee grounds than actually drink the stuff!! I personally, will only drink Folgers Columbian at home. I save those, too, in a big sealed container I keep under the sink. I also save potato peels, cuke peels, rinds, banana peels, tea bags, and newspaper. Good stuff!
I don't have access to too many leaves, this year, (again!), but I will send an email to all my friends in town and beg them for their bags of leaves!
Coffee grounds are greens, by the way, leaves, of course, are brown...!

Today, not so busy....Grocery shopping, run the dogs, soccer game @ 4, volleyball @5-630. Jeff is playing racquetball, we should all get home at the same time, I have a wonderful thing in the crockpot and we will all eat together, tonite!!


  1. I put our grounds and filter into the compost bin but it never occurred to me to get them from anyone else. I've never run out of leaves but I've read that you can substitute shredded newspaper.

  2. We too have a compost bucket under the sink for household waste which is then transferred to outside bins. I wonder if Starbucks UK have the same programme? Unfortunately we don't have one locally - just a Cafe Nero and a Coffee Republic. I wonder...?


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