Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Slow going...

this is some of the work so far...

The carpet comes Monday, so it is a race to see if the subs will finish and the contractor can put the ceiling tiles in.
It makes me sad to think I have to bitch and moan to get things done right. Look at this picture:

Do you see where this guy was going to put the doorknob? I mean, Nick won't be able to wash his face without hitting this dumb thing. After weeks of us hinting our displeasure, we finally had to make him uncomfortable today. We told him we wanted a bi-fold door. He said they wouldn't take the standard door back. It would cost him too much money.
Well, Jeff said, right is right. I am sorry it's costing you, but a bi-fold door needs to be there, you can see it for yourself. He got short with Jeff, but in the end, agreed to buy one if Jeff took the measurements...
Just do the right thing, you know? Don't make me beg you. I should not even have to ask you to do the right thing.


  1. Anonymous4:01 PM

    the basement: so-so

    the dog: muy bueno!!!

  2. Anonymous6:32 PM

    Hi Sissy, I actually am commenting on your comment on another blog. It was about turkey and if I read right you said you cooked it in a crockpot?? I have tried to find recipes to do this and haven't been successful. Please could you share your recipe as I would love to try slowcooked. Thanks, TWT

    P.S. What size crockpot do you have to accomodate a turkey?

  3. Sissy,
    Your basement is looking great. I know what you mean about contractors. We added a family room and kitchen years ago. I was very happy when they all left!


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