Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Just finished dinner. I have been filling nail holes with wood putty and sanding and vaccuming walls again.
On my knees, painting trim, listening to the Cubs go in the tank.
Had the teachers' lunch today. The Italian Beef spilled all over my seat to the point that it puddled with fat. When I came back out, there was such a big spill that it leaked out of the door and had started to collect under the car.
Different than a/c condensation because of the swarm of flies. I put the Nature's Miracle on it, but it always happens that when I have a big mess, I am down to the last drop of Nature's Miracle. It's sooo expensive at Petco. I should explore other sources for it....
Nick seems to be doing well, he has a lot of homework, but he is having fun...he turns 16 on Thursday and it is so hard for me to believe.
Cass had a good day. Just a half day, and they dismiss at 2 because of the heat, all week.
***note to self---purchase capri pants for Cass before August. They don't stock them in August***

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