Saturday, August 12, 2006

Planning a planting...

With the basement painted, I am turning back into a gardener. I really want to get some berries and fruit trees in the back of the lot. They are very rewarding, but they take years to get established and I want to start now!!

Trouble is, alot of vendors won't sell now because it's gonna get cold. I have always planted in the fall, and the plant becomes acclomated over the winter. In Zone 8. I don't know what happens in Zone 5ishprobably4withallthiswind.
I am gonna start looking for some plums and raspberries...!


  1. At $5.00/quart I wish I had some raspberries growing in my yard!
    I actually tried about 10 years ago, but the deer ate them. Yes, they even eat raspberries. I was surprised because the bushes are pretty picky.
    Nothing is safe from those darn deer. (I hope you don't have that problem)

  2. Anonymous8:47 AM

    We won't have deer once they see one glimpse of Schatz the guard dog!!!!

    Schatz to the rescue!!!!

    Pooza might be too scared of the berries to help guard the yard like she should!


  3. When I was in zone 5 I always planted trees in Sept/Oct. My cherry tree did very well. Raspberries don't take long to get established.


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