Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Been gone...

at vacation with the family. Just a short one, we normally go away for a week or so, but with the basement and school and everything else, we couldn't fit it in...
We went to the Indiana Dunes, and the whole family loved it!

Here are my darlings after we climed Mt. Baldy. Walking in sand is the hardest excercise! Much less walking up a sand mountain!

At the top!

Nick and Cass ran up and down several times.

Can we hit the beach, now??!!

Finally! At the beach...

My little Pooh likes to sit and soak up the sun, just like mom!

I have more pics and a funny seagull story...but the basement guys are here and the laundry and I have to pick up Cass and clean up all the dog hair!


  1. I remember climbing the Traverse City sand dunes when I was a LOT younger. It was hard to do even then. These dunes look so similar.

    I am glad you all had an enjoyable vacation.

    Cute garden helper you have on the above post.

  2. Hey, Zoey!! I like your new avatar!!

  3. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Did you say Coco soaks up sun????

    She hid under the grass until I pulled her out!!!!!!!

    She is NOT a sun soaker.

    She's a fun sucker.....


  4. Thanks for visiting and commenting. It's always nice to 'meet' new blog friends :) Looks like a fun time and oh....I wish we had a beach and sand dunes nearby!! I miss the beach so much.
    Such a cute doggy!
    Love your poetry...had me chuckling :)
    Did you do VBS in your neck of the woods too?

  5. Great picture of your little Pooh! She has it made! I always love seeing her. Jamie


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