Monday, August 28, 2006

Happy Endings are for princesses...

I never watch movies, you know it? I find it tedious to remain sitting, silent, and engaged in that little box. The kids don't own many DVDs and I don't think we own any...
But the one VHS video that is prized to me is my Denise Austin's 30 minute workout. We have a DVD/VCR player, so that I can do my video.
Well, guess what happened? After only twenty years, Denise has broken it off with me.
I went to play the tape and it broke inside the DVD/VCR machine.
This is Denise:
The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
This is not the cover I have. She looks updated in this one. She doesn't seem very upset about our break up.
I will have to find someone new. Denise is just so encouraging!
"Smile, everyone! We're losing inches!" She says in her perky voice. In my video, she wears the old Princess Reeboks and purple leg warmers. And shiney pink tights. I swear!! Oh, and a thin white belt around her leotarded middle. I forgive her all that. She's just so nice.
Once, I saw her on Larry King, wrestle a comedien to the ground for a doughnut!
That's my kind of girl!
I need to find a new video to work out with... What I would really like is that doughnut they were fighting over..!

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  1. Sorry about your break-up.;o(
    But you can mend it! Pull out the two ends and tape it 'scotch' work for us.


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