Friday, August 18, 2006

Happy Bad Poetry Day

Today is Bad Poetry Day. It is also the pre-season home opener for the Chicago Bears. Look for us on TV!! It's supposed to rain.
Here is some bad poetry:
Roses are red
Violets are blue.
And you suck.

Really, that cracked me up!! Here's another one, I promise you, this cracks me up!!

Not Really Fair, Is It?

Elvis Presley,
and Mr Ed,
were weird and fabulous,
now they're dead.

They both lived and died,
In celebrity's glare.
By the time they passed on,
they were both kind of square.

They both loved their mother's,
they both acted bad.
Mr Ed fought with Wibur,
Elvis bugged Ann Margaret's Dad .

But Elvis rocks on,
in the beautiful blue,
and poor Mr Ed,
was boiled down for glue.

I guess it's okay,
cause a horse is a horse.
But the King is the King,
(of course, of course).

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Ok, here's the last one!!

Oh, My Beloved, My Sea Monkey

Suspended and freeze-dried in a cozy foil shell,
What dreams do you dream (if you dream),
Pray do tell.

The moment of creation, you awake from the evil spell --
I'd like to be excited, but frankly I can't tell
if you're happy in you're new home or DOA in hell.

Purified and tranquil in the water that you dwell;

How many of your powdered brothers
did I spill outside your plastic vessel?

Low these many days I wait like a sentinel
For you to wear the crown in your little citadel.
My tiny, mucus-like backwash friend,
A brine shrimp without a cocktail.

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In real life, the basement guys are supposed to put in the ceiling today. Jeff was up until 3 or 4 doing the vinyl in the bathroom down there, he wasn't very happy with it, when I checked with him at 12. I am sure it's fine. He is very smart and extremely patient.
I still don't have an order for the berries or the cherry trees. It just puts me back another year.
I have started a compost pile. I just dump it out by the garbage can. I know Jeff is gonna have a stroke.


  1. Anonymous8:40 AM

    Lament of the Baby Bird

    Mommy gave me one last worm,
    And pushed me from the nest.
    I flapped me widdle wings
    As hard as I could,
    And fell down on me chest.
    I see the kitty coming now,
    He's ready to digest.
    So I'll see you in heaven, mommy,
    I know you did your best.

    thats terrible.........

  2. SHeesh!! Where did you get that one??!!
    It made me laugh, too!! I don't know what's the matter with me!

  3. I'm sick, too, because I am sitting here laughing out loud.


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