Friday, July 07, 2006

The project before!

Everyone loves before and after photos. The makeovers you see on all the shows pan around and show the before with the folks frowning and the place is a mess.
Two hours later, the folks are happy, with wine glasses and smiles, the place is wondeful, immaculate and gleaming!!

These are my befores:

These are the back. I have started on the front, I intend to put mulch down today.

I am very excited about tonite!!
Jeff's co-worker invited us over, they have 5 acres and his wife said she has a ton of plants for me!! I have done too much shopping and too much ordering....Jeff tells me it's too much, anyways.
The order from Musser should come today. Large spruces and pines, winterberry holly, and viburnum.
I want to plant some bird friendly areas. We got lots of birds. He wants Cedar Waxwings and bluebirds. Where do you order those???

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