Saturday, July 08, 2006

Garderners are amazing folks!

Went to Teresa and Dave's last night. They have an amazing place on some acreage. She gardens all day long, and shared every bit of it with me!!

I got bee balm, coneflower, black-eyed susan, phlox, and so much other stuff...Five gallon buckets full of stuff. I made them a dish of stuffed shells, I don't have any plants to share!! :(

I even got a whole box of hosta, two different ones for Teresa, my neighbor....they are working on their landscaping, too. Today will be a long day in the yard, again!

The trees from Musser came yesterday, so I will work on getting those in.

About 6:30pm, cars start driving by, we call it the parade. Just folks that have lived here their whole lives, cheching out a new street in their town!!! It feels like we are on display, sometimes.
The neighbor says the parade was really long, yesterday, with all the changes we are both making!!!

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