Friday, July 14, 2006

Magic Waters

Suppossed to take a group of teenagers to the water park, today--but there are storms in the area and it's raining hard, right now!! I feel bad for Nick, he's really trying to gain a social life, it's so hard moving to a new area as a teenager.
He was quite busy in Memphis, socially. Some weekends here, he never goes out and he hates that...!

I wouldn't be a teenager again for all the money in the world. He is a great kid, very bright and eager to engage people in conversations, but teenagers aren't really people. They are so afraid of being who they are.
They are too interested in being someone their friends will accept, so they hide themselves behind acceptable things. Weird hair or a "gothic" dress style are more accepted than an outgoing, handsome guy who speaks what's on his mind.

Sometimes, you shouldn't say what's on your mind!!
This guy: Stuart Robinson is in trouble with me.
He writes Gardening 4 Dummies blog. He tells you what you should do and he will even tell you the 5 things he hates about your garden -but you never see pics of his work.
Almost like that "psychologist" that has a radio show that people call into to be berated for their decisions and mistakes, come to find out, the good Dr. Herself has posed nude with her Professor Boyfriend. Whilst they were shacking up!!
If Stuart has a garden, let's see it!! It's easy to sit behind the keyboard and throw things at other folks' gardens!!
I put my mistakes and realities out there for everyone to laugh's not easy for me, but I sure need the input!

I like to read garden blogs about the gardener in the garden. What a certain gardeners preference is and how that gardener overcame specific obstacles in that garden....
Gardening in California or New Zealand is too easy. Gardening in Zone 3 Minnesota? ThatM is what I want to read about!

I like Zoey's Garden.

I like Michelle's Garden.
Gardeners who struggle with toads and dirty hands and living up to their own expectations.
Like me!! Who do you like to read?

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  1. Hi Sissy. They say bad press is better no press at all so thanks for the link to my site.

    I would like to defend myself though. Firstly the article you refer to in your post is "MY" five most hated plants. In the post I actually encouraged other readers to talk about plants they thought they saw a lot of also.

    I'm not a big plant-hater, on the contrary I love to garden. This post was just a different view of gardening rather than always responding to "5 of my favourite plants" or 4 of my favourite trees.

    Secondly, I do garden and I thoroughly enjoy sharing my experiences with the rest of the world via my blog. Of the nearly 300 posts that currently make up probably a third would be about my garden and landscape design.

    So feel free to wander back, take a tour through some of our garden rooms and critique where you feel it is appropriate. I'm always open for suggestions to enjoy my hobby more.


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