Thursday, July 20, 2006

Left it in my other pants..

Reading other people's blogs, I cannot believe the pics they take. I would have to wear my camera around my neck all the time to be able to chronicle my life that way.

I guess I am jealous, really. I don't think to take the camera to the grocery store. I remember to post pics of before recipes, but I never think to take a photo of the end result. You got to be a quick thinker around here, if you are going to take pictures of the food on the table.
Maybe tomorrow.
In celebration of Nick coming home, I think we will have something good, I just can't figure it out...


  1. LOL, Sissy. The longer you blog, the more you think about that camera all the time.

  2. Anonymous8:18 PM

    My name is Chrissy and I stumbled upon your blog looking for gardening tips. I live in Northern WI. I don't have a blog here yet, but it's on the way!!!


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