Friday, December 30, 2011

You Know You're An Obsessed Gardener When:

No vacation is complete without visiting at least one garden. 
A dead plant means an opportunity to replace it with something new. 
You hang out with people who converse in Latin outside of church. 
The nicest thing about December 21 is that winter sowing begins.. 
You frequently risk a broken axle, strained back, or perhaps incarceration to take home an irresistable rock/boulder you find at the side of the road or at construction sites. 
When it rains too hard to work outdoors, you read a garden book. 
When you and your plants are thirsty, THEY get a drink first. 
You have more than ten species or cultivars of any one genus, and you want more. 
You spend more money on your garden than on clothes. 
When shopping for a house, you look at the land before the kitchen. 
You have the urge to water those wilting, neglected plants in the supermarket. 
For at least six months a year, a manicure would be a complete waste of money. 
You take great pride in your compost pile. You even show it off to visitors. 
You start gardening in the rights of way in front of, behind, or to the sides of the property you own

Saw that on a forum I read and had to share it! Some of them are so true!
I had lunch with a dear friend at a pizza place that is about halfway between our homes. I've always enjoyed the food there, but today there was a fight in the parking lot over a parking spot and it just made me think there must be a better place
Anyways, as were went into our 2nd hour of chatting about trial gardens and new cultivars and making plans for the Chicago Flower Show, it dawned on me that I don't have any other pals that spoke about plants as much as Rose does. I wish I had more gardening friends, but my most of my friends don't have any interest until something bad happens, like the beetles eating the foliage or why their lilacs won't bloom when they prune them every April....
I have to start going to the local garden club, or something. Rose lives 2 hours away!!! It doesn't stop us from getting together, but it is too far to get together as much as we'd like!
Do you have a garden pal that lives near you? 


  1. I'm afraid I'm a very poor gardener.. However I really appreciate other people's beautiful gardens! Jx

  2. No one loves gardening as much as I do around here. And you're right-they show an interest when there's a problem. Sigh. But, that is what the internet is for.....LOTS of gardening buddies!

  3. Well I am definitely an obsessed gardener but don't think most of those apply. No local garden friends either.
    Cher Sunray Gardens
    Goldenray Yorkies

  4. Sissy, I think I chose my house because of my big back yard, which might be my undoing. :)

  5. Great post! I am lucky because I have several garden buddies nearby.

  6. Love that list! Guilty on all :-) I do have a great gardening friend that lives close, thankfully. And I'm a member of a local garden club and master gardener, so I can talk shop lots of times :-) Nothing like that kindred gardening spirit!

  7. Sissy, I look forward to the Chicago Flower and Garden Show every year. Maybe I will see you there this spring! We may be too far apart to start a garden club, but there must be some near you. I also love garden talk, and am finding myself reading garden books lately instead of fiction.

  8. I read a similar article in our local newspaper and had to laugh. Not all of these fit me, but enough do to make me obsessed--especially spending more money on the garden than on clothes:)

    My best friend has become equally obsessed with gardening, too, which is fortunate, because nearly everyone else I know, especially my family, kind of gets that glazed look in their eyes when I start going on about my garden. My friend Beckie and I go the Chicago Flower and Garden Show every year, too!


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