Monday, December 26, 2011

It Can't Be Me, Can It???

ok, ok....several weeks ago, I blogged about hating the winter, snow and all. It seems that some of my pals think that post might have put the snow kibosh on the midwest. I would be ok with temps near 50 all winter, but I realize that it might be disastrous to the plants that need a good chill, the water table that needs the 3 feet of snow and the economy of places that cater to the snow loving public.
So, in an effort to make things right:
Just don't blame me if we get hit with a blizzard for the ages!


  1. Funny! I'll remember this post.

  2. Well, it seems that when winter starts out mild it ends up being a humdinger. Oh well... At least we know it won't be your fault. We'll just blame Mother Nature and go with it. :)

  3. ha, this is cute.

  4. Anonymous10:35 PM


  5. We were just talking about how the snow removal businesses are probably getting worried. Good point about the water table and plants. I think we will get dumped on at some point, I'm just glad it's held off until the new year. Happy Birthday Sissy! The mediterranean food looked great.

  6. Up here, we are FOUR FEET short on snow this year. It's been terrible for the local businesses that rely on the snowmobilers. And yes, I'm upset too.....I don't want the snow starting in April, for goodness sake!
    Loved the cartoon---maybe a snow globe IS needed!

  7. They say we are going to have a bad one this year. The current rain is suppose to change to snow later this afternoon, but not a severe one yet.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  8. We had a picnic lunch on the 26th Dec! I'll know who to blame if we get the worst January in years!!!!

  9. LOL! I hope that is the only snow seen here this year or into the next.

  10. Now I know who to blame if we get a blizzard:) We did get some snow this morning--did you? It was so pretty while it lasted, but most of it melted away by afternoon.

    I chuckled at your comment on my post about lessons learned--I'm afraid your mandevilla may be toast by now:) But if it makes you feel any better, the two hibiscus in big, heavy pots that I lugged into my garage before the first frost could kill them look dead already.

  11. I know we need snow too, but I love not shoveling it! I just mentioned to my husband that this was the first year I can remember seeing the fish swimming in our koi pond under the ice. Maybe they always did that, but this year I can actually see them. Now, should I blame you if we get dumped on in the near future? (o:
    Happy New Year too!


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