Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Picked a Peck

I've read so many of your end of year summaries and it's one of my favorite parts. You break down what you grew and what worked and which varieties did well in your garden.
So many of you state that your peppers did not do well, but your tomatoes did. Can I tell you a secret?
I cannot grow a good tomato to save my life.
There. I've said it. I don't care who knows it. Better to be out with it than to harbor such a secret, don't you think?
It doesn't matter, anyways. Because I can grow peppers!

How many peppers in a peck? I harvested 12 peppers from 2 plants, on October 9, just last week. A long Italian stuffing pepper and a green pepper, 'California Wonder'. These pepper plants are in the same raised bed as 2 tomato plants, so I don't think it is the soil to blame. It must be me, I had the same trouble in Memphis. 

This is my Garlic Prime Rib. Bone in rib eye (Choice) went on sale for $5.50/lb, days before Nick came home for a visit. This recipe is so easy and fool-proof. We were happy diners, that nite!!


  1. Anonymous9:16 PM

    Hello, We had no garden this year with the all the Spring rain .I missed having the garden and it's bounty..Your roast looks YUMMY..and I'm sure it was tasty!
    ~~Sending Good Vibrations!

  2. You know, my tomatoes are never that great either. I don't remember my mom ever having "bad years" with tomatoes, but I often end up with cracks, or some kind of wilt, or something. And I just switched to a raised bed last year with all new soil, so I don't think it can be that either. And I always put in a tomato fertilizer when I plant.

    I always get some tomatoes, but it'll be just one plant that does well, and I wonder --what happened to the other ones?!

    Frustrating! Your peppers look good though --I don't grow those because my husband is allergic.

  3. Thanks for following The Truth.....following back

  4. Your peppers look great. I stopped doing a veggie garden because of the thieving squirrels. :)
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  5. We had lots of tomatoes but for some reason the skins were quite thick and the fruits were quite tasteless and watery so they mostly got used for making pasta sauces and etc rather than eating in a salad. Your peppers look wonderful:)

  6. I have a brown thumb, I cant grow anything. :( Im your newest follower, maybe Ill get some tips from you on how to do this next year.

  7. Those are some mighty good looking peppers! I can't grow either tomoatoes or peppers, so I quit trying on both. :)

  8. Twelve peppers from just two plants?? I would say you are a master pepper grower! My two pepper plants did absolutely nothing this year--they didn't die, but they looked as if they were just as big in September as when I planted them in May. It's one of those garden mysteries to me, because I usually don't have trouble growing them. Oh well, we don't eat as many peppers as tomatoes, so I guess I won't complain too much.

    That prime rib looks so yummy!


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