Monday, October 10, 2011

Homecoming, 2011

Photos before the Homecoming Dance
Nolan and Cassidy.
below is Cassidy's wristlet. Her date's mom actually MADE this! It is attached to a gorgeous crystal bracelet!
I learned a very hard lesson this day. 
We showed up for pictures and Nolan's stepdad had a huge camera and lens. He was really running the show, directing kids where to stand. Took a lot of pictures on a tractor, but hey, we live in farm country! I put my camera away, he assured me he would send copies of his photos. I was fine with that and ran around meeting other parents and talking. I later noticed he was shooting directly into the sunlight, which is an absolute no-no. I then noticed he had his flash on, even with Nolan wearing glasses and shooting into the sunset. ugh
Lesson learned: a big fancy camera doesn't mean the photographer knows what he's doing. Take your own photos.

Here's a shot of my Little darling, reaching for the ball. This is part of what is taking up all my time!


  1. Pretty wristlet. The first time I read it, I thought it said her date made it. Boy, was I impressed. Still impressive that her date's Mom made it.

  2. Cassidy's wristlet is wonderful. What a sweet gift and they make a lovely couple.


  3. Cute photos, it was homecoming here too this weekend...I love your comment about people with big cameras...very true. PS Our wedding was in Lake Geneva....I wish I owned land like that, but it looks very similar to here (about 45 min north). Hasn't the weather been wonderful? I'm loving it! Thanks for your comment, too.

  4. Lovely photos, the quality and the people. Love the wrist corsage. And what a great leap for the ball. :)
    Cher Sunray Gardens
    Goldenray Yorkies

  5. I've never seen a wristlet like this--so pretty! My girls would tell you I had several disasters taking Homecoming photos, like the time (pre-digital) I took lots of shots, but didn't have film in the camera:) Seeing the volleyball photo brings back fond memories of lots of evenings and weekends watching "kills" and "spikes." Enjoy these days; they were some of the happiest, though busiest, I ever had.

  6. RoseM9:28 AM

    Oh My God Sissy!
    They are cute together but I would have had a tough time letting them out of my sight. It must be hard to watch your little girl grow up! Glad you got good pictures.

  7. Our step granddaughter is a volleyball player like your darling. They get very intense, don't they?

    I like a girl that gets sweaty playing sports and then cleans up and looks adorable for the dance.

    Hope the photographer dad doesn't read your blog. ha-ha

  8. Nice wristlet. This is a good lesson to remember. Looks like you still got some good photos though.

  9. Beautiful kids and wristlet! My son went to his first homecoming a couple weeks ago. They grow up so fast!


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