Thursday, October 27, 2011


So, we have these two kids. Both seniors, 1 in college, 1 in high school. I've posted about her and her volleyball plenty, here in this blog, but the Mister, well, I haven't really posted much about him. He's kind of difficult kid to describe.
He's a senior, finishing with a degree in Chemical Engineering, a major that requires mind bending courses. One of his classes has to do with designing a chemical plant or an energy plant. Or something. This is a guy that will wear the Little Owl, I Wanna Sing-a shirts. 

Always a happy kid. Always. 
This boy is in California right now. He's been flying all over our country, interviewing with prespective employers. In my heart, I know he will be successful in his life. 
Heck, he already is!
Go Get 'em, Son....



  1. I'm sure he will do well Sissy and that has a lot to do with their upbringing.
    Cher Sunray Gardens
    Goldenray Yorkies

  2. What a fine young man. You've done a stellar job raising him. It gives hope that not ALL the kids nowadays are , well, "unfocused".

  3. OMG, chemical engineering? Besides good looking, he is smart too! Looks like traveling might be in your future. I hear California is wonderful in the winter time :) Congrats on his accomplishments.

  4. You have every right to be proud of your son, Sissy. My older daughter wanted to get into chemical engineering, but changed her mind and stayed with just chemistry instead. The engineering program at the U of I is very, very tough, so kudos to him for getting through it! I wish him well in the job search.

    Congrats to your daughter as well on her volleyball awards. I'm sure there are many colleges that would be thrilled to have her play on their team.

  5. What great kids you have raised,Sissy. I am sure they will both be very successful.

    I look at his picture and he looks so young to be a chemical engineer!!

    Will you be going to CA for graduation?

  6. You are very proud, and rightfully so!
    Hugs, Beth

  7. You must be so proud, Sissy. Handsome and brainy too! Wouldn't it be great if he could find the perfect job close to home? Fingers crossed.


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