Thursday, September 08, 2011

The Goose Doesn't Lie

Dear Gardener Friends,
I cannot believe what I read on your blogs, about the end of summer. I refuse to think that our warm days are coming to an end. Soon we will be covered in a blanket of white death? No!
I will continue to look for signs to fight the close of summer.
These guys? Flying NORTH! And they would know, right???

late august | john bohrn

let me enjoy
this late-summer day of my heart
while the leaves are still green
and I won’t look so close
as to see that first tint
of pale yellow slowly creep in.
I will cease endless running
and then look to the sky
ask the sun to embrace me
and then hope she won’t tell
of tomorrows less long than today.
let me spend just this time
in the slow-cooling glow
of warm afternoon light
and I’d think
I will still have the strength
for just one more
last fling of my heart.


  1. What a beautiful poem about the seasons of life. I've also seen the geese on the move. I'll pay better attention which direction next time I see them. I agree, let's hold out as long as we can! Patio furniture stays out! Hoses stay out! We have Indian Summer still to look forward to.

  2. It seems like summer passed in a blur.

  3. It was a short summer--hard to believe what is just around the corner. But I look at it as skiing, snowmobiling and sledding. One more season of fun.
    The time of year I despise is March-which has 43,000 days of gloom in which there's not enough snow to play in, but not enough warmth for anything else. Blech.

  4. That was a lovely poem. Living down here in s.e. FL we are so looking forward to the end of all this heat and humidity. Hopefully we'll feel some cooler temps next month.

    Maybe there's a more positive way for looking at and living through winter. Like crafting, cooking, reading, dreaming and making plans for next years gardens. I think I'd have cabin fever living in snow country after living down here for 50 years.

    Enjoy your last bit of summer, capturing it in photos, and in your memory.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  5. I've seen sevaral skeins of geese flying low as we've been out and about today - but I've seen Swallows too - they are still here and not flying off to their winter habitats just yet. Lets hope for a few more weeks of warmer weather:)


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