Sunday, August 14, 2011

Stormy and Sunday

 Rain clouds on Saturday, I have just a few more holes to dig...
 Prairie storm
The morning after

Our boy...

 clownin around with Gracie
Turning 21 next week. 
This is a great kid. Never any trouble. Ever. 
God has truly blessed us with the gift of this boy. 
Now, a man. 


  1. The skies are pretty in photos but sure can be monstrous at times. Your son is a doll.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. I saw those exact clouds yesterday about noon. I knew it would be a big storm. Got the patio cushions in, and watched it from the window. A downpour! Congratulations on your son's birthday - you did good!

  3. I like that first dark cloud picture.

    21 years old--they grow up so quickly! Happy Birthday!

    Regarding your question about where I store the cannas--I have blogged about it quite a few times. I store them in a 4 ft. high crawl space. The basement is too warm. There are pictures someplace on the blog - probably in October of most years.

  4. Such a handsome son:-) I was very blessed with two great sons as well, never gave us any trouble at all. When I see what some parents have to go through with their kids, I thank God mine were good kids! lol Just love the picture of him with Gracie and flower:-) xoxo


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